Red Rose from pinterest, 98d4cfcd9a69ffdf767de1d729cf17fd
Shortly before Mother’s Day I was shopping and found the most darling miniature rose growing in a small teacup. Even though two other miniature roses had previously lost their will to live while in my care, I decided that maybe – just maybe – the third time might be a charm. The plant had a beautiful many-petaled red rose (very similar to the rose in the photo) plus a couple of buds and looked healthy. I managed to kill it in a week and a half, a new record for me. But the teacup is really cute and a perfect size for my Baileys, so I do have that!

On to crochet news. At the beginning of this year I had promised myself to write two posts a month, approximately on the 1st and 15th. Obviously, I didn’t manage to do that this month. The fact is that I haven’t been feeling all that great for a while due to medication issues so I haven’t gotten much accomplished. Also, my husband and I decided to hold a yard sale which took me about three weeks of preparation. It was successful so I felt better about all that time spent. However, we still have a lot of boxes that we need to go through and DH wants to hold another yard sale in July, so I have more non-crochet work ahead of me.  Now for the “joke” of this sale. I made signs to put up at two busy intersections. At the end of the day my son was kind enough to retrieve the signs, but when he got to one intersection he called me to ask where the signs were. Someone had stolen my signs to use for their sale!!!!!! I appreciate that people like my work, but really….

In my last post I mentioned that I had entered a Crochet.Community contest with my poinsettia potholder. I didn’t win, but it placed at #10. Considering I’m brand new to this site and this is the first contest I entered, being in the top ten isn’t too bad. SRO-AUSTIN was the winner and her entry was Tropical Sunshine Arrangement. Not only did she have a beautiful frogged vase for display, but she did a wonderful job with the crocheted flowers and leaves. She definitely deserved to win!

SRO-AUSTIN, Tropical Sunshine Arrangement, gtmolvqokncihgtz5ayx

I promise I’ll have more crochet in my next post. Meanwhile, everyone have a great Memorial Day weekend!