Sunday, September 24, 2017

For the Paranormally Inclined

I realize that Halloween is coming up pretty fast, especially for those planning to create costumes and/or decorations for this annual "ode to spirits that have passed". However, in my wanderings around the internet I discovered that there is a National Ghost Hunting Day, celebrated on the last Saturday of September (this year, the 30th). This is a fledgling holiday, officially created in July 2016, but with a seemingly robust following (check out for more info). So in keeping with the "spirit" of the day, I have chosen to do a little of my own ghost hunting - of the crochet variety, of course!

Whimsical Boo Ghosts by Beverly Mewhorter, free pattern at

I wouldn't mind a visit from this Casper-inspired ghost!
 Adorable baby hat inspiration from Soap and Stitch on Etsy -
What a dapper fellow! Halloween Ghost free pattern at

 Who wouldn't keep themselves cozy with this on a Halloween night? By Maggie's Crochet at
If you're looking for a sexy ghost, Little Miss Spooky is here!
Who could forget Zero - in a lovey form, no less! Free pattern from Jamie Hackford at
f f

And this little sweetheart comes from Gateando Crochet at
(I used this pattern to make the boy and girl ghost in the pumpkin below!)

I hope you enjoyed this little ghost tour and possibly found a little friend to crochet. Oh, yes - and happy hunting on the 30th!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's National Teddy Bear Day!

We love teddy bears. I don't believe I have ever known someone who didn't at least like teddies, and many people had one as a "best friend" as a child (me included!). Ever since the shopkeeper Morris Michtom and his wife Rose made a stuffed fabric bear in honor of America’s 26th commander-in-chief (Teddy Roosevelt) and displayed it with a sign, “Teddy’s bear,” in their store window, these bears have been a perennial favorite. So in honor of this beloved creature that has given us so much comfort, let the love begin!
Have you ever seen such a sweet face?!!

Gorgeous free-form teddy by Irina Iriss, at
What a delightful way to stay warm! Pattern for sale by Carolina Guzman at

Such little cuties! Free pattern available at                        
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear...and the free pattern is

Aren't these booties adorable? Free pattern from Helena Asmu Lim at

Sweetness overload!

What child wouldn't go to sleep with these friends? By Christins from Sweet Potato 3 at

My childhood teddy was a panda bear! Designed by

What lucky mother wouldn't want to receive this beauty for her newborn?Teddy

There's even a Halloween Teddy - Frankie the Zombie Teddy by Krawka at
(I have to admit that there were so many teddies and teddy-related items that it was really difficult to decide what to include in this post. Trust me, this is only a fraction of what I found on Pinterest!)