Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Dog Days of Summer

I remember as a kid I would kind of dread August. First it meant that I only had one month of summer vacation left before school started (in Chicago school starts the day after Labor Day). But second, August usually had the worst weeks of summer heat, and without any AC it generally meant I spent a whole lot of time in the basement, or when I could, at the local public swimming pool.

Now that I'm into crochet, however, "dog days" has an entirely different meaning. So in honor of National Dog Day being on 8/26, I will devote this blog entry to our four-pawed, tail-wagging, tongue-drooling best friends, and to all the wonderful crochet they inspire us to create!

I couldn't resist! This Schnauzer puppy reminds me so much of my own Mickey! Inspiration only by Lemowan -

Adorable hats for kids (or the young at heart!) Free pattern at

Moss the Puppy Dog pattern for sale at

Cute dog bowl mat by Bauta Witch, free pattern with translating on page -

Remember the Slinky Dog? Here's the crocheted version, but will need translating -

Exquisite hound dog, inspiration only by amiguru_mi --

Wonderful dog toy bones, free pattern by Lime Green Lady -

Pretty in pink Pomp-a-Poodle by Red Heart - free pattern at

These dog-face cup cozies are just fantastic! Created by HookedbyAngel, you can buy the patterns on Ravelry  or her shop -

And now, from the "Waaay Back" machine, it's none other than Mr. Peabody from "Mr. Peabody and Sherman" (there is a new cartoon version out!) Free pattern available from K. Godinez at

Ah, yes - the iconic dog sweater! Above is actually an adorable hoodie from Jenna Wingate at

Of course we can't forget one of the most famous dogs! Snoopy with his friend Woodstock -    I couldn't find the photo's pattern, but this very close version is for sale by Amanda L. GirĂ£o:   
 As always, all photos have been procured from Pinterest, and I try my best to link to the original designer. I will be glad to post any corrections in future posts, if necessary.