Saturday, June 23, 2018

It's Fairy Day!

Every fairy needs a house, and this one doubles as a teapot cozy!
I have a definite sweet spot in my heart for all things amigurumi (or kawaii softies, if you prefer), and one of my absolute favorites are fairies. International - yes, INTERnational - Fairy Day has been designated for June 24th this year. (Just FYI, the tooth fairy has her own days on February 28th and August 22nd. I don't know why she has two days, but maybe oral health needs the extra advertising!)

I took to Pinterest to find what fairies were available, and there were quite an assortment of delightful little cuties. The ones that are on my bucket list, though, are the ones from the Russian master class crochet. Of course, I would have to work my way up to that level! Perhaps I should start with some of the simpler ones....

Sweet Little Fairy by Fun and Fang; free pattern can be found here

Adorable Tinker Bell by JanaGeek

Who can resist Lucy the Fairy Mouse by LittleAquaGirl?

Unique Bella Fairy by Madelenon - she's waiting to make your wishes come true!
Sublime Fairy Elf by Alyona Dudakova; inspiration only, but you can visit here and here
Chrysanna the Albino Fairy by Epic Kawaii - make sure to check out this designer's other fairies! 

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